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Playing is not only a leisure activity, as it may be seen from an adult perspective. Playing is an important part of a child's natural learning and development process. When playing, the child shapes her own emotional, social and cognitive identity. Playing is not only a mean of expression, it is also an exceedingly significant tool to instigate imagination and creativity.

"elou is an innovative alternative that intends to restore the spontaneity immanent to the educational process of playing"


Raw-material CORK

What is cork?
Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.

Cork is the main component of elou toys. 100% natural. 100% Portuguese. A hypoallergenic material, compatible with all stages of child development, whose main attributes lie in its soft texture, lightness and shock resistance and absorption properties.
Cork is already widely used in economic sectors with increasingly recognized added value, such as construction, aeronautics and spatial development. So, why not bring it to toy wonderland?


By proposing a 100% natural and recyclable offer, we intend to minimize our ecological footprint and grant children an early contact with nature.

Our offer intends to promote the growth and recognition of the cork supply chain and is mainly sustained in the primary and secondary economic sectors, contributing to economic development.

To promote equality of opportunities to all individuals, we often resort to institutions dedicated to support social inclusion of people with motor and cognitive disabilities.

Cork harvesting and transformation are deeply rooted in Portuguese tradition. So, by bringing a whole new approach to the cork industry, we intend to value Portugal, cork itself and the whole surrounding culture.


These products are developed with the best Portuguese knowledge. We have established a few sustainable partnerships with the best schools and universities.

ESAD, Oporto College of Art and Design
product design and development, branding

Aveiro University, Education and Psychology Department
child pedagogical development

Minho University, Polymer Department
raw materials I&D, industrial process

Elou belongs to a cork-related industrial network, thus benefiting from the diverse knowledge and experience of its partners while ensuring that their technical skills mirror the uniqueness we want to transpose into our products.

"elou is an innovative alternative that intends to restore the spontaneity immanent to the educational process of playing"

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