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Playing is not only a leisure activity, as it may be seen from an adult perspective. Playing is an important part of a child’s natural learning and development process. When playing, the child shapes her own emotional, social and cognitive identity. Playing is not only a mean of expression, it is also an exceedingly significant tool to instigate imagination and creativity.

” elou is an innovative alternative that intends to restore the spontaneity immanent to the educational process of playing “

Cork trees
are always happy!

Extracting the cork layer
is a natural process.

Every 7 years there
is a new bark!


raw material cork

what is cork?

Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.

It is the main component of elou toys. 100% natural. 100% Portuguese.
A hypoallergenic material, compatible with all stages of child development, whose main attributes lie in its soft texture, lightness and shock resistance and absorption properties.

As a raw material, it is already widely used in economic sectors with increasingly recognized added value, such as construction, aeronautics and spatial development. So, why not bring it to toy wonderland?

design & development

Elou toys development is sustained in Portuguese knowledge and expertise on handling cork as a raw material. Elou toys are developed in partnership with some of the most well regarded national higher education institutions, to conceive a differentiated product that complies with the highest quality and safety standards.


Elou belongs to a cork-related industrial network, thus benefiting from the diverse knowledge and experience of its partners while ensuring that their technical skills mirror the uniqueness we want to transpose into our products.



By proposing a 100% natural and recyclable offer, we intend to minimize our ecological footprint and grant children an early contact with nature.


Our offer intends to promote the growth and recognition of the cork supply chain and is mainly sustained in the primary and secondary economic sectors, contributing to economic development.


To promote equality of opportunities to all individuals, we often resort to institutions dedicated to support social inclusion of people with motor and cognitive disabilities.


Cork harvesting and transformation activities are deeply rooted in Portuguese tradition. So, by bringing a whole new approach to the industry, we intend to value Portugal, the raw material itself and the whole surrounding culture.

safe play



low noise


co2 negative





product manuals

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Mar 2020

Due to the latest developments involving COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, we would like to inform you that ELOU has a comprehensive business continuity plan to protect our employees, partners and customers. This is an unprecedented moment for everyone and we understand that all companies are taking the necessary precautions. On behalf of the ELOU team, we thank you for your partnership, understanding and patience when implementing our COVID-19 security policies. In addition to basic safety and hygiene measures (we provide alcoholic gel, disposable masks, enhanced cleaning and awareness of preventive behaviors), we have instituted additional strict controls on the contact of all members of our company with the outside: Read more

More Details
Mar 2019
Sustainable toys: Father’s Day ideas for family playtime

Father’s Day is always family time. Choose a sustainable way to enjoy it with sustainable toys! As we speak about sustainability and the importance of nature for younger generations, toys come as the only product that is made of plastic. At Elou, we try to change the mindset and to bring environmental awareness to the act of playing. Cork is used as raw material for Elou toys and also, it’s the inspiration for the collection. If now Elou’s latest release is about a space oddity, it has to do with the use of Cork by NASA. Also, if we look to cork oak trees, the sky looks always closely, so, who Read more

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Feb 2019
Space oddity in Spielwarenmesse’19 with Elou toys

A space oddity in Nuremberg! For five days, Elou cork toys bought a little of space into the toy fair placed in Nuremberg with a glimpse of new shapes for cork made toys.

More Details
Jan 2019
Portuguese Space Oddity at Spielwarenmesse ‘19

Portuguese elou cork toys bring a space oddity to Nuremberg toy tradeshow ‘19 From the 30th January to the 4th of February, in Nuremberg in Hall3, Stand E30 of Spielwarenmesse, elou cork toys will show a Portuguese space oddity into toy industry. Elou cork toys is a Portuguese brand risen from the will to develop a 100% natural offer, whose practices are in line with an environmentally and socially responsible posture, promoting what is considered one of Portugal’s most valuable natural resources: cork. In a bold move to answer kids’ imagination regarding space, elou cork took its production to a whole new level where all means of air transportation are Read more

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