Due to the latest developments involving COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, we would like to inform you that ELOU has a comprehensive business continuity plan to protect our employees, partners and customers.

This is an unprecedented moment for everyone and we understand that all companies are taking the necessary precautions.

On behalf of the ELOU team, we thank you for your partnership, understanding and patience when implementing our COVID-19 security policies.

In addition to basic safety and hygiene measures (we provide alcoholic gel, disposable masks, enhanced cleaning and awareness of preventive behaviors), we have instituted additional strict controls on the contact of all members of our company with the outside: physical contact is prohibited with people from abroad, inside or outside the company, and they must be replaced by forms of communication universally accepted through digital tools.

With this, we ensure that our facilities are adequately protected and, in safety, to keep our activity in working conditions, but, above all, in good working order and creating conditions to be able to best meet all requests and requests customers and partners.

We prepare contingency mechanisms to guarantee the continuity of our services, however, we request some understanding from customers, namely in any possible delay of pending orders, since the traffic of national and international carriers is conditioned.


Protect yourself = Protect others

If you have any doubt about the Coronavirus/Covid19, please consult  the OMS Advices  website.




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