Bubbles cork toys

Bubbles, the unique story behind the concept

Every piece has a story. Bubbles, a cork toy is one of the most iconic pieces of Elou Cork Toys and has its own and it’s quite amazing. Find out here more about this piece.

Looking for cork made toys and searching also If you search for bubbles on Google, many things will come to you but mostly, soap bubbles. Who doesn’t like to see them floating in the sky? The kid’s excitement over this simples and yet magical child’s play is really amazing.

Here at Elou Cork toys, we want to make kids feel excited about playing. It’s always amazing to see their reaction to the toys and mostly, to what they are able to do.
Bubbles design makes the most commune and simple of child’s play a sensorial and also an educational experience. This cork toy is perfect to

The importance of kid’s development for elou cork toys

The motor skills are developed and also the imaginary, in fact, kids can play, and adults can teach but the main issue is that the sustainability of this cork toy and the design of it allows it to not fall and stand up if connected in the correct position.

Children’s developmental trajectory is critically mediated by appropriate, affective relationships with loving and consistent caregivers as they relate to children through play. When parents observe their children in play or join with them in child-driven play, they are given a unique opportunity to see the world from their child’s vantage point as the child navigates a world perfectly created just to fit his or her needs. (The word “parent” is used in this report to represent the wide range of adult caregivers who raise children.)  

The interactions that occur through play tell children that parents are fully paying attention to them and help to build enduring relationships. Parents who have the opportunity to glimpse into their children’s world learn to communicate more effectively with their children and are given another setting to offer gentle, nurturing guidance. Less verbal children may be able to express their views, experiences, and even frustrations through play, allowing their parents an opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of their perspective. Quite simply, play offers parents a wonderful opportunity to engage fully with their children. (1)

Bubbles offer this opportunity in a simple, effective and stylish way. Different size bubbles that can be in order to build a tower or just to stay close to each other. In fact,  the main idea is to see kids making fun movements with the bubbles, this lovely cork toy.

It is still funny, don’t you agree?


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