Elou cork toys at Intergrift Madrid 2018

Elou Cork promotion in Spain for the first time

After the Hong Kong and Nuremberg tradeshows, Elou Cork Toys invested in a new market: Spain. Intergift Madrid is known to be one of the most recognized tradeshows in Madrid of gifts, décor and toys.

In a bold move to promote its products, Elou Cork Toys joins forces with its local distributor and makes its first appearance at Intergift Madrid.

For 5 days, Spain was the stage of Elou Cork Toys to promote its products and show them to one of the most amazing markets and also, to improve the local distributor in such a competitive market.

The Spanish market closeness is something that can improve the brand’s recognition by the public and also, spot the attention to Spanish speaking countries.

Elou cork toys and the Spanish market

As the CEO referred: “It is very important for us to have a close relationship with all markets, the Spanish speaking countries are one of our targets in a near future.
We want to make our local partner safe and also, show our products locally makes easier for stores and final clients to relate to them.

Bubbles, the dominos and another one of a kind toys were presented.

Therefore, the success of the stand was visible by the number of visitors that came to see and understand Elou Cork Toys.

Madrid is the perfect spot to show Elou Cork Toys. Above all, the energy that lives in this city connects to the spirit that elou toys have.  This way of promoting elou’s products it’s an investment that shows how attached the brand is to make the business go further.

In the future, the investment in tradeshows will continue. However, for Elou Cork Toys, tradeshows are always a good investment, since it reaches new distributors.
The ones that make also local trades that ensure the public exhibition and knowledge of Elou Cork Toys and history. Every year each distributor makes the marketing plan and they establish how to put Elou Cork Toys in their market.

“ We trust in our partners’ knowledge of the local market and how to improve our acceptance by the local public. We don’t invest locally as much as other brands since our distributors have total freedom to do it.”

CEO, Ivo Aguiar

In conclusion, in 2019 Elou pretends to be in the two largest tradeshows of its industry: Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair in Hong Kong in January and at Spielwarenmess, in Nuremberg. Hope to see you there!

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