Elou Cork Toys

Elou Cork Toys is a Portuguese brand dedicated to the design and conception of natural toys for children. Risen from the will to develop a 100% natural offer, whose practices are in line with an overall environmentally and socially responsible posture, Elou proposes an innovative approach to the extended usage of what is considered one of Portugal’s most valuable natural resources: cork.

Elou toys are made of cork, a natural raw material extracted from the cork oak, through an eco-friendly harvesting process that does not resort to cutting the tree down. So, being based on the leading cork producer country in the world, our “Made in Portugal” signature is actually a quality seal that assures that, from harvesting to transformation, our production respects the cultural values firmly embedded in the Portuguese cork tradition. From the forest to the factory, the process encompasses various stages which ally traditional techniques with cutting edge technologies, resulting in toys that deliver the maximum original experience to the educational act of playing.

Elou Cork Toys presents itself as an innovative brand that, although new to the market, intends to revolutionize the way children interact with their toys, enhancing cork’s benefits to children’s knowledge acquisition and motor, cognitive and sensorial stimulation. In order to do so, it offers a wide range of natural toys of minimalist conception, whose central premise lies in the idea that playing is not only a leisure activity, but also a significant part of the child’s personal development that comes naturally throughout her growth and whereby she acquires multiple skills and competences while framing her personality and building an emotional identity.

Covering a wide range of ages (from 0+ to 36+ months), our natural toys are designed to engage its audience, promoting an active children-object interaction that incites creativity and logical reasoning by allowing children to play in a fun, appealing and instinctive way. Besides, whether they are playing alone or in group, when handling an Elou toy, children will always be in contact with natural materials, which will help them improve their environmental awareness.
All cork toys bearing Elou’s signature provide an honest link between nature and leisure. They connect past traditions with tomorrow’s demands, paying special attention to environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability issues.

We must teach our children about nature, the human condition and its relationship with the surrounding environment. And we believe this awareness-raising effort must start from early childhood. Under that exact line of reasoning, while still on paper, the Elou project came a long way sustained by its human resources’ experience and intuition. Putting its main focus both on children and the sustainability of our planet, Elou was carefully thought from the beginning so it could grow into a business model liable to have an active role in world preservation.

An ambitious project, developed in partnership with some of the most regarded national higher education institutions that collaborate with Elou to introduce in the market a differentiating product that complies with the strictest quality and safety standards. Nevertheless, because our focus is on children, it goes without saying that Elou cork toys are always fun and enjoyable to play with.

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