Indoor games with kids

Indoor games? Keeping kids entertained at home with elou bowling is easy and fun.

Cosy home, cold days or just, family time and no ideas? Elou has the perfect indoor games for your playtime that even toddlers can play: the elou bowling. You can choose a 3 or 6 pieces game, elou bowling is the toy that can make all the family play.
Made of cork, the elou bowling can help kids improve their motor skills, coordination and concentration.

Inside home playing: the bowling idea

Elou is always looking after new ideas and smart games that not only entertain but have an educational side. Bowling came out as elou designers tried to fulfil the need of families to have a game that was suitable for all the family.

Many sports help kids to develop their motor skills such as football, tennis or handball, however, bowling is not as physical, but requires concentration and also good visual skills, the perfect indoor games for sure.

Indoor family activities and children development thru bowling

Playing bowling is also good for arm and shoulder muscles. On top of the motion your arm is performing, the range of motion is improved because the muscles in the hand, arm and shoulders are working creating a synergy between these motions.

The balance is also reinforced by bowling. When you walk up the lane before releasing the ball, as it is traditionally is done, the leg behind the other helps to balance the force or action that is applied to the ball. These moves must be learned and elou bowling does it.

Inside home playing: competition without aggression

As we are talking about a game, bowling is perfect to teach kids to be competitive without aggression. The family time indoor can become fun, competitive but non-aggressive.

Adapt to any age, the bowling can be in 3 or 6 pieces so you can easily use it with toddlers or older kids. Elou bowling is good for indoor games since all the pieces are made of cork, a natural material that doesn’t harm anyone or anything, something that plastic made bowling can’t give you. H

The most amazing thing about bowling is that you can also do it outdoor. And kids love it! They really do! For them is a nice moment outside the home but concentrated and, most of all, doing something that is entertaining, challenging and fun!

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