Local markets in Poland and Australia show off Elou Cork Toys

The year 2017 is going to be legendary for Elou Cork Toys. Hong Kong and Nuremberg were just the beginning of a worldwide adventure.
Several distributors located in different places are now able to make Elou Cork Toys an international brand that suits the need for sustainable toys.

Australia and Polonia are two of the countries that made their bet in the Elou Cork Toys. These two countries have now multiple stores where Elou Cork Toys are distributed and also offer several local events, perfect for Elou’s toys show off.

In fact, the investment in local fairs and events is only possible to distributors support that now the importance of the right markets and fairs to Elou Cork spread.

Poland is one of the markets where Elou Cork has most distributors as in Australia. These two events show how brand cooperation with its distributes is something that will happen to increase visibility near the public.

The most wanted cork toys for local markets

In Poland, the most adored toy is a Bubble and in Australia is Pebbles. Therefore, this shows how different countries see Elou Toys.  Although both recognize the sustainable part of the toys, also the educational side is important.

In other words, It’s not hard to discover why Bubbles are so popular in Poland, the round shape and reminds the colourful snowball. the opposite happens with Peebles in Australia, It reminds you of Australian deserts and its amazing views… the perfect balance.

The design impact on toys

According to the design team: “the concept of the Elou collection lies especially in the supply of toys that stimulate the imagination, materializing in objects and illustrations that are not figurative or even abstract, allowing the child to imagine different worlds from the same object.”

See here a little bit of what we are talking about and how different these two markets show off their products to the retailers and final consumer… Always nice to see different cultures have different perspectives.


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