Nature inspired toys: ladybug

Nature inspired toys? Welcome to elou world, this time with the fun of hammering and the beauty of a ladybug and a hedgehog combined.

If we look close to our nature, we see that ladybugs and hedgehogs are all over and most of the time, we don’t talk about them. Thes animals that fulfil nature are now part of elou nature inspired toys.

Toys inspired by nature: the beauty of the children’s world

The world is a big jungle that looks a lot like a jungle. Full of dangerous animals and situation, kids life are just as difficult as time goes by. More technology, less time. At elou we want to stop time and make kids feel the adventure in everyday play.

Therefore, elou inspired its latest releases in two beautiful yet wild animals: ladybug and hedgehog. Small but fearless, these two little ones are always curious but alert when it comes to living in the wild. Our kids are like that, that’s why playtime must be fun, adventurous and also conscious.

Hammering and the cork as we know it

Every time we talk about cork, people relate to bottle stoppers but, as time goes by, we find more and more things made of this raw material. Despite this, the cork will always be related to bottle stoppers, and why not take it to more fun and playful side?
At elou, we made our two little new friends as a hammering moment for kids.

This is a wonderful activity to help kids to develop their fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.

What do you mean with fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are the movements children do use their small muscles, like those found in the fingers and wrists. For example, when they pick up a bean and put it in a cup, they are using those fine motor skills.

Fine motor activities are the activities that focus on developing those more precise movements and help your child strengthen their hand-eye coordination.

Why hedgehog and ladybug?

That’s simple. We just love ladybugs and the first time we saw the prototype with no painting we were in love with cork natural colour and so, hedgehog came out easily.
The small ladybugs with their red and black colours, their amazing little wings are perfect and the hedgehog with their spines all over.

Hammering in such pretty nature inspired toy is not only good for kids but a joy to see for adults. Also, this piece as a plus, it doesn’t harm anyone. Perfect, don’t you think?!

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