Sustainable toys made of cork

Sustainable toy cars are more than just a dream, they are real with elou. Sustainability is one of our purposes, so cork made cars are now at elou’s collection

Sustainable cars are the future. Everyone is looking into the next eco-friendly solution for cars and at elou cork, we found it. Our transports made of cork are the sustainable solution for any playtime.

One, two, three, when we look, we have so many cars, that we don’t have where to store them. Toddlers love all that roles over and move around, so cars come as the natural design for any kid play time. At elou cork we believe that cars can be sustainable and yet beautiful.

Eco-friendly toys inspired by nature and kids needs

In a manner of fact, at elou cork we have racing cars and also tractors that are perfect for little ones to play and develop their motor skills and imagination.

Cars can be amazing for kids, they can make races, play in imaginary tales and also run around one another, however, elou doesn’t stop here. The nature appeal comes out in every elou toy, that said, the mouse trailer and the squirrel trailer are also transports and animals at the same time. Made of cork, these little ones are unique sustainable toys that can make your kids have a good time.

Why is sustainability important in toys?

The idea of a sustainable toy is not only a trend, at elou it’s part of our core business.

The cork oak tree has the life cycle that needs the removal of cork as part of it, so elou not only helps the nature but the environment, since plastic is all over and harms more than helps the world sustainability.
As we look closer to the toy industry, we see tones of plastic toys that just cover a momentum in a kids life, elou does more than that. The simple shapes, the minimal design makes it a beautiful and esthetical piece to keep for life.
The transports can also be sustainable, that’s why sustainable toys such as cars are now present at elou’s collection.

The fuel for a sustainable toy? Imagination!

Now that the cars are available you can become part of the story. Outdoors or on your kitchen floor, why not? Make a race with your kid or just take the animals to another jungle… the bedroom! Don’t forget, elou sustainable toys not only help developing motor skills but also, imagination. The creativity and ability to improvise is so important that at elou we want to help that happen. Become part of the play in an eco-friendly way, with elou cork toys!

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