Father’s Day is always family time. Choose a sustainable way to enjoy it with sustainable toys!

As we speak about sustainability and the importance of nature for younger generations, toys come as the only product that is made of plastic. At Elou, we try to change the mindset and to bring environmental awareness to the act of playing.

Cork is used as raw material for Elou toys and also, it’s the inspiration for the collection. If now Elou’s latest release is about a space oddity, it has to do with the use of Cork by NASA. Also, if we look to cork oak trees, the sky looks always closely, so, who doesn’t dream of flying?

The final result is a brand that not only lives and breathes nature but, that has toys that are alive since cork is a natural raw material that adapts to the context where its located.

Therefore, Elou is the top brand for parents and kids in such an amazing time of the year as the Father’s Day.

Here we give you 5 ideas for playtime at Father’s Day:

  • Let’s go bowling! It’s easy, kids love it and grownups as well. In fact, you can do it at home. Elou has two options: 3-piece bowling or 6 pieces one. It’s up to you to choose the one that fits more your family.
  • Are you more into mind games? Domino is the perfect option. This traditional game is always good either you are alone, in a group or just one on one. The best is that with Elou dominos, you can also teach the shapes to your kids with sustainable toys.
  • Create your next castle, house, office. Use your playtime with your kids to teach them how to build something. If you don’t want them to get hurt, Elou cork toys can guarantee a fun moment without harm anyone.
  • Puzzles! Who doesn’t love a challenge? You can make big ones or just have a small sustainable toy puzzle frog for your kid to complete.
  • Finally, a playtime that can be also fun. Why not a family swim? You can take your kids toys like our sustainable play bath turtle or our boats to your next adventure…

Foremost, at Father’s Day, make your father play and also, play along with your kids. If your father is not present, enjoy the day as he would like you to. Father is someone that raises us to become what we dream too, doesn’t mean just a blood connection, it’s more like a mentor for life.

Read more about sustainability here, from Behind the scenes

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