• sustainable toys made of cork: behind the scenes

Sustainable toys from Elou have lots of secrets that will now come to life.

Behind every piece made by Elou Cork, there is a hard work of research. Designers, marketers, engineers and production experts combine their expertise and ideas to give life to the most beautiful, sustainable and didactical toys.

In fact, Elou Cork toys were born from the need to make toys not only educational but also sustainable.

About cork, the eco-friendly material and the start of Elou toys

Cork is a buoyant, light brown, natural substance, obtained from the outer layer of the cork oak.

Cori is a hypoallergenic material, compatible with all stages of child development.  The main attributes lie in its soft texture, lightness and shock resistance and absorption properties.

As a raw material, it is already widely used in economic sectors with increasingly recognized added value, such as construction, aeronautics and spatial development. So, why not bring it to toy wonderland?

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The stages to become a green elou

The process takes time. The idea can come first or during the process. Sometimes, while doing an already designed and tested toy, another idea comes out. Here comes the part where ideas meet the material and the limitations.

“It’s kind of tricky to produce the perfect, sustainable and yet safe toy for kids. It takes time, a lot of testing and most of all, experimenting since cork is mostly used for other things like décor and cork stoppers.”

During this process, everything must be fully tested. Although cork it’s a natural material, it is necessary to make it waterproof.
In case it is for water usage, also it’s necessary to improve the design.

Different ages have different challenges. If a toddler about 18 months likes to taste everything and so toys often go to the mouth, the older ones are looking for something that stimulates their imagination and creativity.

Elou Cork toys are all made of the diversity of steps that the corking process has, not only the part that depends on nature itself but also the human process. The design, the industry, the research and the human touch, everything has to be in working together.

The sustainability of Elou Cork Toys is in its essence, as part of the team spirit and love in each piece.

blocks of cork from elou cork toys

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